Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits has been an area of growth for captives over the past decade. Our Employee Benefits practice group was formed to help drive the growth of our activities in this sector and for captives generally. Our experience in employee benefits covers the use of both single parent captives under ERISA and group or agency captive programs which may not be subject to ERISA.

Single Parent Captives

SRS has taken a leadership role in the use of single parent captives to fund employee benefits. In 2000, we were the first captive manager to successfully structure an ERISA benefits program in a captive. This structure, created for Columbia Energy, also involved the creation of the first onshore branch of an offshore captive.

We have ten years consulting and management experience with single parent captives insuring employee benefits. Our experience includes group life, and both long-term and short-term disability. We have managed captives insuring employee benefits in Vermont, South Carolina and Utah.

We have worked closely with the Department of Labor and domicile regulators for employee benefit programs. We have formed and managed branch captives for employee benefits as well as single parent captives.

Group and Agency captives

There is increasing interest in the use of captives to insure employee benefits, principally group health insurance. Again SRS has been at the forefront of this activity and has formed and manages both group and agency captives for group health insurance. These facilities include both homogenous and heterogeneous groups and owned captives as well as cell programs. We currently manage group health captive programs in the Cayman Islands and Vermont.

Sectors Served

Agriculture and Farming Franchisees Not-for-Proft Organizations
Construction Hospital Systems Physician Groups
Energy Independent Schools and Collegese Professional Services
Faith-based Communities Manufacturing Utilities